Chohza Information


Harmony of Japan Culture and Traditional Japanese House



Onsen/Hot Spring

Appreciate for Blessing of Nature


<Outdoor bath - (for male) >

We have four source of onsen.
We pride our hot spring. The bath made by rock which came from the area.
Please enjoy and relax your mind and body by sweeping view of surrounding mountain.

<Indoor bath>

The bath made by wood.
Please feel different between rocky style and woody style.

<Riverside bath>

It's just by a river.
There is foot pass to get there.
You need a short walk from the entrance.
Along the way,you will see seasonal flowers, fish in a pond,sound of the river There is a cottage' it's place of a secret.

<Private bath>

There are three private baths for free.
The each room has outdoor bath feel free to take with your family or friends.



<Gift of the mountains>

We are surrounded by mountains. It's mean we are abundant in nature.
(Our chet gets edible wild plants from mountains.)
Sometimes we ask local vegetable shop to gets precious one. Our philosophy of using freshest, local ingredients.
Please enjoy the flavor of Okuhida.


<Taste of Irori>

We grilled fresh local Iwana-fish by a hearth.
Also, local food is called "Gohei-mochi"(made by rice with miso flavor), and
seasonal things. It's very simple cooking , but yor would feel like Okuhida life


<Hida-gyu(Hida beef) and local sake>

Hida beef is the specific name given to beef from a black-haired Japanese
cattle breed that has been raised by Certified producers at least 14 months.
Hida-beef is required to have beef confirmed and certified as Yield Score of
Grade A or B by the Hida-beef brand promotion conference, and have a firmness
and texture grade of 5, 4 or 3 as grounding by the Japanese meat grounded Association.
Enjoy Hida-beef and sake made by people who has love and passion for food.


This table is the average nightly amount of season.
Japanese dinner and breakfast will be served.
We can not eat dinner when check-in is after 19:00.
Instead prepare rice balls.
Even under these circumstances. we can not lower the price.

Please acknowledge it.

The price is per person exclude tax.
Taxes will be charged separately. (consump tax and onsen tax).

There is a change of the price in the seacon.

We do not accept any credit card for payment at the front desk.
If you would like to use credit card, we recommend making a reservation by the Internet.

Cancelation fee

  Until the day befor the day
  4days ago 3days one day be fore from By 12:00 After 12:00
All cancel not to fee 30% of the price of accommodation 50% of the price of accommodation 100% of the price of accommodation
Members decrease not to apply price 30% of the price of accommodation 50% of the price of accommodation 100% of the price of accommodation


By car

By car

By public transport

By public transport


We accept Visa and Master on site a so Internet. Other cards only accept previous internet payment.
There is post office approx 7min from here by car.
There is one on the way to Kamioka for 30min from here by car. But they are not open for 24/h.
"Fukuji onsen-yurimisaka(HO41)" running by Nohi bus.
◎ From Tokyo Take a bus is going to Hirayu bus terminal at Matsumoto .
You need transit to local bus is going to shinhodaka, then get off the bus at "Fukuj-onsen-yurimisaka(HO41)"or "Fukuji-onsen-kuchi(HO45)"
◎ From Osaka Take a bus is going to shinhodaka at Takayama JR station. then get off the bus at"Fukuji-onsen-yurimisaka(HO41) "or Fukuji-onsen-kuchi(HO45)"
When you get off the bus at "Fukuji-onsen-kuchi(HO45)"
You need 10min walk. But we will pick you up please Let us know from the bus stop.
please put a tire chains or change to studdess tire.
Under Two → free
Over Two → 50% of adult
Please feel free to contact us. we will prepare what we can.
Our chet arrage it for you.
※ We are sorry to it flom but we do not have vegetarian option.
There are three privete baths. You do not need booking. If it is free.
You can take it anytime.(Open from 14:00 to 10:00am)
Check-IN from 15:00pm, check-Out is 10:00am
Please let us know If you would arriverd after 19:00pm
There are toothbrush, hand towel, bath towel, cotton, in your room.
There are shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, in bath room.
In changing room, there are face toner, face lotion, hair dryer.
Most of them are working. But You will find it weak signal in some area.
We only arrow to use mobile phone in your room or phone Box. Not using in dining room lobby.
corridor and bath room please understand and you cooperation.
We are in middle of mountain .
It's mean we are on an inclined plane Although we have an elevator not much bothor your mother.
But there is few step on the way to dining room. We will help you.
If you would use a wheelchair. please let us know when you make a booking.
Our publc bath agents are sodium hydrogen carbonate spring.
River side bash agents are sodium choride hydrogen carbonete spring.
The agents is not effected to you.
But Please ask you doctor if you are in first and late pregnancy paride.
By car
First you need to drive to Hirayou-Onsen. then park your car at Akandana car park(¥500/perday).
You need to take a local bus to go to Kamikochi.
If your next stination is Matsumoto Please park your car at "Sawando" car park you will find the car park after Andou tunnel.

By bus
take a bus to go to Hirayou then transit a bus to go to Kamikochi st Hirayou.
From Takayama station approx 40min
From Hida-Kiyomi inter change approx 60min.
From Matsumoto inter change approx 70min.
From Toyama inter change approx 90min
No, we don't have One. we spond to air freshner.
Yes, You can in your room. lobby and smoking area. But not arrow to smoke in dining room.
Yes You can dringing own sake, wine, shou-chu, beer, juice, But we wiii chsrge.
under 750ml → ¥2,000/per botle.
under 1,8er → ¥3,000/per botle